a poem

image made by the author

they spread very slowly
at that time you might have cried
but as the bite heals
inside you, they hide

you might have been left with a scar
where once your skin split
where there were spit and blood,
but it was done at a time so afar
you throw it away with a thud

they tread inside your body
tiptoeing so as not to be heard
they spread oh so slowly
the alarms have not been stirred

at times that memory looks your way
reminding you of that pain
and a gush of anger leads you astray.
digging your heels on the ground
you try not to be taken down.
after all this time they won’t make you bow

they feign belonging
and for long they have observed
how they get inside your nerves.
the longer you ignore
the stronger they can perform

you start seeing in red
and refuse to go to bed
you won’t lose energy so you say
everything you feel you downplay
but you know you’re in jeopardy
when the anger keeps fighting
and you start to feel like bitting

they no longer lurk
they now make you jerk
controlling the wires in your brain
and throwing you on fire
your throat has always been closed
if you had asked for help
you might have stayed afloat

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