a poem

picture made by the author

We used to go to parties and dance
the ease with which you moved
smoothed me into a trance

I was bewitched by our romance
waiting on you so it could recommence

And darling I think you’d agree
when I say we walked with glee
when the two of us would be

Until the clock would mock me
for thinking I could be so carefree

If only I had a lock so you wouldn’t go away
or learn to keep my feelings at bay
I knew soon after I’d start feeling grey

at dawn we went from the nightclub to…

image made by the author

a poem

a poem

image made by the author

In the middle of the ocean
cradled by the waves’ commotion
all I have are dulled emotions
shaped by the waters’ erosion

Where does the sky end and the sea begin
No matter how long I stare
it feels like I’m floating in the air
Without a fin in here I think of where I have been

In the depths it felt so lonely
All of them were so bony
Thought it could be homely
but it left me so coldly

Once there I couldn’t recognise my face
I chased it because I was in a daze
Fearing being stuck, I was…

image made by the author

a poem

image made by the author

they spread very slowly
at that time you might have cried
but as the bite heals
inside you, they hide

you might have been left with a scar
where once your skin split
where there were spit and blood,
but it was done at a time so afar
you throw it away with a thud

they tread inside your body
tiptoeing so as not to be heard
they spread oh so slowly
the alarms have not been stirred

at times that memory looks your way
reminding you of that pain
and a gush of anger leads you astray.
digging your…

Sofia da Ponte

Young artist and writer. I mainly write poetry. IG: @daponte.sofia

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